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  1. Georgy Kert, Vladimir Vdovitsyn, Alexandr Veretin Toponymic research system of Northwest Russia: The TORIS system

    Abstract This paper describes results of usage of Saam toponyms database system of Kola peninsula to analyze grammatical and semantic toponym features. Also we describe here implementations of methods of multi-agent theory to design a prototype of distributed research database system to store and treat toponymic data basing on Internet/Intranet technology.

    Text of paper (format HTML, format MSWord 6.0)

  2. V.T. Vdovitsyn, G.M. Kert, N.B. Lugovaya, J.V. Chuiko The Creation and the Development of the Thematic Web-site on the Toponymy of the European North of Russia // Proc. of the FDPW'2000, vol. 3, University of Petrozavodsk, 2001

    Text of paper (format HTML, format PostScript)

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